venerdì 30 novembre 2012


The cross-country season has started for a few weeks. The traditional Campaccio Cross Country race scheduled on Sunday 6th January will celebrate its 56th edition  The race  organized by the local Unione Sportiva Sangiorgese with the contribution of Sergio Meraviglia as General Coordinator of the event with thirty years of experience and Technical Director Marcello Magnani will be as always a spectacular and high-quality competition.

For the second consecutive year the International Campaccio Cross Country race has joined the 2012-2013 circuit of the IAAF Permit Meetings which kicked off on 11th November in Atapuerca in Spain. The cross country circuit will traverse three continents Europe, Africa and Asia. Here follows the IAAF Calender.
New website:
The new Internet website has opened for a few days. On the website you can find all information on the 56th edition including the rules and entries procedures.
Entries opened
The entries have been opened for a few days. All sport clubs are invited to take part in all male and female Junior and Senior categories to experience the magic experience of the Campaccio. We invite to read the official rules on the website  It is possible to apply for the race online.
Official timetable
13.00 start women’s under 18 race
13.30 start men’s under 18 and junior race
14.10 start Junior-Under 23 and Senior Women’s race
14.50 start Under 23 and Senior Men’s race

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